We Have Lift Off!

Hello World!

That’s the typical thing to code as a developer when first starting out in development; I feel that salutation works very well for this post. We have just launched a brand new company called “Created by King”. There is meaning to the name as it does not imply “we’re a bunch of royal figures who happen to love creating things” but rather the “king” is a hidden acronym for “Keep Inspiring New Generations” which spells out our purpose for starting this company.

We look to create amazing products that will not only help the current generations but also inspire the upcoming ones. We look to spark ideas, lift the hearts of many and help push forward the creatives of our society.

“Keep Inspiring New Generations.”By Jerryking Ajih

So with that being said our first product is currently in production and I would love to share details about it in this post but now is not the time. In the mean time stay tuned to this blog for when the time does come we will have many details to share that we hope will left the hearts of many.

We look forward to sharing more.

– Jerryking Ajih (Founder)